How Many Amadins Live
How Many Amadins Live

How Many Amadins Live
How Many Amadins Live

Amadins are small cheerful birds that have appeared in Australia and Africa, and are very fond of light and warmth. So that they can live normally, they need the ability to constantly move and fly. If this opportunity is present, then feathered pets can be planted in a cage or a large aviary. When summer comes, they can be released into the open air, there they will not suffer from a lack of fresh oxygen and ultraviolet radiation.

We equip housing

Of course, most bird lovers do not have any special facilities for their pets. And they make them simple dwellings in apartments, setting standard cells. Amadins, the contents of which are not so difficult, although small in size, will not be able to come to terms with tightness. If there is a lack of movement, then they will develop obesity. That is why they need an elongated cage, thanks to which the bird can fly from pole to pole.

It is recommended to put a home weather station in the room where the amadins will live – it will allow you to easily and simply control the parameters of the environment in which the birds live.

The air temperature for amadins should not be below 18 degrees, it is best if it is from -20 to 26. It is also necessary to maintain humidity – about 60-70 percent. If these values ​​will deviate greatly from the optimal, then at home the amadins simply cannot exist – they will have to be heated and humidified. As with most other ornamental poultry, Amadins are very afraid of drafts. As for the psychological comfort of these birds, it is impossible to shout or make noise in their presence, to turn on an excessively bright light, to use a sharply smelling perfume.

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Society and Amadins

Amadins differ in sociability, and loneliness is very poorly tolerated – therefore it is advisable to start a couple of such birds at once. Despite the friendliness, it is impossible to sharply hook newcomers to them. Firstly, in case of infections – beginners should live in separate cells, be checked for diseases, and when they sit in them for about a month – they can be released to their own. How many Amadins live? If they are properly maintained and eat properly, then these cute birds are able to live in captivity for about 10 years. Although for this they need careful care.

The enclosure in which they live, as well as their dishes, must be disinfected and cleaned from time to time. The birds are very small, so their bath tubs and cups of water should also be small. They need to be filled no more than 1.5 cm.

In order for the Amadins to be healthy, and develop as they need – they need a long daylight hours – about 10-12 hours. In order for it to be so long, it is worth resorting to the use of special lamps that provide the necessary portion of ultraviolet to the birds, and the transition to night time should be gradual.

Amadins are lovely birds that will surely appeal to all bird fans.