Before answering the question – how many macaw parrots live, you need to thoroughly study their living conditions. Surely you expected to hear a simple answer. However, one cannot but take into account such things as the habitat of the macaw, its nutrition and all kinds of dangers that await parrots on every corner.

For example, if a bird lives in the wild, then it is at daily risk of being eaten by some predator. Also, parrots can not always be satisfied with the presence of a constant and high-quality feed, which can not be said about domesticated birds. Do not forget about various nervous shocks that can lead not only to the disease of the bird, but even to its death.

How Long Does A Large And Beautiful Macaw Parrot Live At Home

General Information on the Life Span of Macaw Parrots

Like all large birds, the macaw usually lives a fairly long life. It is believed that in conditions comfortable for him, he can easily live up to forty years. Moreover, according to some reports, there were individuals whose age reached up to fifty years.

If the macaw has to live in the wild, then he is unlikely to be able to stretch even up to thirty years.

How Long Does A Large And Beautiful Macaw Parrot Live At Home

How to extend the life of your pet

If you are seriously interested in the fact that the parrot you tamed has lived a long and happy life with you, then you must certainly provide it with everything you need and, above all, with care and affection.

Parrots, unlike many other species of birds, have an incredibly developed intellect, thanks to which they can even learn to imitate your actions and pronunciation. Moreover, over time, they become so attached to the people around them that without any fear, they are happy to meet and try to get closer to them. Take advantage of this and give your pet warmth and care, and he will certainly reciprocate.

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In order to protect the space of your room, which the macaw will certainly try to study up and down, remove all objects dangerous to birds from its field of vision. The list of these items should include:

  • current-carrying wires that the macaw can easily bite;
  • sharp objects that could injure your parrot;
  • treats dangerous for birds included in the human diet.

The bird should be content only with food specially selected for it. In the case of the macaw parrot, these are nuts, herbs, fruits and vegetables. However, certain cereal mixtures are also suitable. However, whatever food you choose for your pet, it should be as fresh as possible.

How Long Does A Large And Beautiful Macaw Parrot Live At Home

It is strongly not recommended to feed your feathered fidget with old or expired products. From them, the parrot can get sick or even die.

In addition to food for the macaw parrot, other conditions of comfortable existence are also necessary. For example – a large and spacious enclosure, inside which the bird could not only move freely, but even fly. The enclosure itself should be made of materials of increased strength and at the same time non-hazardous.

Aviary rods should be made of any neutral metal or alloy that is not oxidized and does not emit harmful and dangerous components to birds on the surface.

Do not forget about the daily routine of the parrot. Like humans, the biological rhythm is very important for birds. In this connection, the wakefulness and sleep regimen should be clearly distributed.

Try to place the cage with the macaw closer to the window so that the pet can enjoy the sunlight. At the same time, you will need to personally verify that the bird will not stand in the draft.

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As for the duration of daylight hours, if necessary, you can place a fluorescent lamp imitating natural sunlight next to the macaw cell. Thus, you can artificially prolong a sunny day on frosty evenings.

How Long Does A Large And Beautiful Macaw Parrot Live At Home

In addition to the light source, a small radio can be placed next to the cell. Parrots love melodic songs and rhythms. Surely you have repeatedly seen a singing parrot.

In the end, I would like to recommend you as often as possible to be near the cage of the pet. Speak and play with your feathered prankster. The presence of love and care for the pet guarantee the absence of depression. Attention is drawn to this point because it is depression that in most cases is the cause of the appearance of a disease and as a result of the death of a parrot.

We hope that thanks to the material given in this article, you will be able to create ideal conditions for the macaw, in which he will live for more than a dozen years.