Surely, acquiring yourself as a pet such a handsome man as the cockatiel parrot, you do not think about how much this bird will live with you. Over time, the tame cockatiel you tamed becomes a full member of the family. And despite the fact that he lives mainly in his cage, he probably always flies to you to chat or just sit on your shoulder or arm, as if thanks to you for taking care of him.

Perhaps that is when you will be visited by the first thoughts about how long the Corellians live? Realizing that you are quite attached to your feathered pet, you will try your best to extend his life, protecting, feeding and taking care of him.

However, in this article we will try to answer the question – how long does Corella live at home.

How Long Do Free Corals Live And At Home

general information

This quick-witted parrot is one single genus of the cockatoo family. However, the dimensions of his body are not as large as his. The length of the Karelian body along with the tail varies in the aisles of thirty centimeters. Its weight is also not so impressive and varies in the aisles of one hundred grams.

It lives mainly in the forest or the steppes of Australia, where it frolics surrounded by exactly the same birds as it is. They are kept in small flocks of several dozen individuals. The main diet of these birds is made up of crops of any plants.

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How Long Do Free Corals Live And At Home


Despite the fact that Australian law prohibits the export of these feathered tomboys abroad, they have received not bad popularity and demand among parrot lovers around the globe. The life expectancy of Corella at home is usually twenty to twenty-five years.

It is a lot or a little, you ask. To answer this question it will be necessary to consider the living conditions of the Corella. It depends on them how many years parrots you have tamed live.

For example, the life span of a Corella in the wild does not exceed an average of ten years. This is due to the fact that every year of its life a parrot is exposed to all sorts of risks and threats, both from predators living nearby and a number of other dangers.

However, at home, all these risks go by the wayside. With proper maintenance and care of the tamed parrot, you will so secure his life that he can live up to thirty years. Such an honorable age is considered quite large for any of the captive parrots.

How Long Do Free Corals Live And At Home

Factors Affecting a Parrot’s Life Span

In order to know for sure how many parrots live at home, you need to know the conditions of their maintenance. At the same time, the number of factors affecting their life expectancy is not so great. In this article, we list the most significant of them.


It is food that should be put in the very first place, directly affecting the health of your pet. After all, it depends on the health and well-being for the most part how long your pet can live.

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Your corella should live in conditions comfortable for him. His food should be not only excellent quality, but also balanced. Do not pamper and fatten him too often, the bird should always be in good physical shape.

In addition to grains, it is allowed to feed the parrot with greens and even fruits. But at the same time, in no case should you give him to feast on dishes with sugar and salt. Roast is also harmful for a parrot as well as all kinds of spices.

How Long Do Free Corals Live And At Home


Surely you do not pay attention to such a factor as the cleanliness of the air in your room, but in vain. Birds are very sensitive to it. Thus, you should not smoke in a room with a parrot, this will certainly adversely affect his health.

In addition, the Corella is a heat-loving parrot, whose homeland is the warm expanses of tropical forests, where the temperature does not drop below twenty degrees Celsius. In this connection, never leave it in an unheated room and avoid possible drafts.

If you set out to create the optimal conditions for your parrot, then you should take care of purchasing special humidifiers. With the help of them it will be possible to keep humidity indoors in the aisles comfortable for fifty percent.


Despite the fact that the coral you tamed is a very friendly and sociable parrot, you should make sure that your bird feels as comfortable as possible.

To do this, it will be enough that you never yell at him and do not make sudden movements nearby. All these actions the bird can regard as a threat and get excited.

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If you have only one corella, then try to devote as much time to it as possible, playing and communicating with it. This should be done for the reason that your pet does not get bored. However, you can always get him a pair. Together, the parrots will be much more fun.

We hope that after reading this article, you will begin to pay more attention to the well-being of the tamed parrot, taking care of his health. This is the only way you can extend the already not long life of a feathered pet.