Every budgie needs a day’s sleep. This is one of the manifestations of pack behavior. All (or most) budgies in the flock will sleep at the same time.

How Do Budgerigars Sleep

Sleep can last from 15 to 45 minutes. In this case, some parrots sleep standing on two legs. Others are standing on one leg. Some tilt their heads forward. And others, on the contrary, are thrown back.

How Do Budgerigars Sleep

And how do your undulations sleep? Here is how our forum users answered this question:

    When Ash slumbers during the day, he puts his head under the wing, and mumbles something quietly. And twitches a little.

I have a female sleeping in the ring, and the male is nearby on the perch.

My Keshon chose for himself as a bed – a rocker under the very ceiling of the cage. As soon as I cover the cage with a veil, my head immediately goes under the wing. True sleeps on two legs.

Kuzenych usually sleeps in the upper left corner of the cell, where on the other hand there is a special block from the poo-eaters. Sometimes it falls, and sometimes in the dark it’s scared of something and beats the cell.

And my Sonya as she climbs on a rocking chair, sits on one paw, and slumbers.

My Mila sleeps on one foot with her head in feathers. so cute!

If I doze, it sits exactly, with its eyes closed, sometimes it opens, it looks that everything is normal and closes again, and when it sleeps, like a duck, it throws its head back and rests itself in feathers and sits on one foot.

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My sleeping on the top of the rocking-ring or on the highest perch, does not hide his head under the wing, he just sniffs and sleeps. Snoozing during the day on the curtain, while it can coo for a long time.

My sleeping on the perch. Alice sometimes climbs to the top of the cage, and then falls at night and starts yelling.

My bird, like many, sleeps on the highest perch. And if he snoozes during the day, then for some reason he pushes his head into the bell. Or next to the mirror.

And we sleep as we have to and where we have to!

When I turn off the light, Zhora climbs under the roof of the cage, directly above the mirror. Therefore, I wait until he gets comfortable, then cover. It can rustle for a long time under the coverlet. Several times fell at night and fought on the cage. In general, at night he sleeps on a perch near a min.stone (this can be seen from the litter). In the afternoon it can sit clinging to the perch, fluffing.

That’s how my baby slept while they were in a separate cage. I never saw a word like this, I was surprised when I saw it for the first time. And before that, they have competitions every evening – who will be the first to take the rocker?

Mine also sleeps on a rocking chair at night, and in the afternoon on a perch. Beak under the wing and on one leg.

And our birds are sleeping in a hot spring. One paw holds on to the ringlet, and the other on the cell wall, and his head rests on the cell ceiling.

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Before the first rearrangement, my cells slept on the upper perch at night, then I cleaned it and didn’t put it, and when I turned off the light of the bird, I immediately started to jump loudly on the cage and clutched at the bars of the cage with my paws. I had to turn on the light and give them time to sit on the perches, this went on for a couple of days, until I realized that they like to sleep on my very top perch. And during the day and on high they sleep and on the lower, and they also like to turn their heads behind their backs and sleep like that.

  • Zhorik sleeps at night on the upper rocking chair, and during the day he loves to sleep on a twig, with his head buried in the wings. Once Zhorik played on my hand, and fell asleep on his finger, stood on one foot, and fell asleep.