Stands for parrots are a salvation for those owners who cannot pay much attention to their pets. And for the birds themselves – this is a fascinating and magnificent platform for games and fun. Novice owners sometimes have a choice: purchase a stand or make it yourself. The article will help you figure this out.

The best stands for parrots

For the physical and mental health of birds, it is important that they can spend a lot of time outside the cage. If, walking around the room, they will have nothing to occupy themselves with, they will quickly come up with a lesson to their taste: they will begin to tear the wallpaper, nibble the wires, swing on the chandelier, pull the threads from the curtains, nibble the furniture. A game stand will save your home from these troubles.

  • the materials from which the stand and toys are made must be safe;
  • It is placed near the cage in a bright place, but in no case in a draft, it is even better if you build a play corner in the place where the pet likes to visit most often;
  • it is undesirable to hang on cabinets or bedside tables, unless reliably securing the stand with screws. If he is unstable and falls with the parrot, then it will be difficult to lure the bird back to him;
  • the bottom should be flat, ideally it would be good if the base of the site is a pallet;
  • it is desirable that there are sides – they will protect the toys from falling out;
  • toys in the form of rings should be of such a size that the bird’s head doesn’t crawl or, on the contrary, the whole bird can easily seep through them.

Important! Everything on the game stand should be safe for the parrot. It is unacceptable for him to get stuck between the rungs of the stairs or in the rings, scratch on any sharp part, get tangled in the details (rings, chains, carbines) with his paws.

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If the pet’s corner is interesting for the games and it will spend a lot of time on it, you will get another great advantage: you don’t have to collect litter throughout the room, it will be concentrated in one place.

Do-It-Yourself And Self-Made Parrot Stands

What toys are suitable for the stand

According to their functionality, toys can be developing, training, sharpening the beak of a parrot and forcing them to take any action.

Of course, do not clutter up the stand with a lot of toys, it’s better to have two or three of them, which will be replaced with new ones over time. So you will maintain the constant interest of the pet in the playground.

These wonderful birds love to constantly climb and swing, because they will appreciate the ladders, rockers, rings and cords on the stand. Ladders can be both wooden and rope.

You can hang a mirror – budgies, for example, like to talk to him. If at some point you notice that it is tired of the bird, update it with a bell or a shiny bracelet. The bird will accept this design and its reflection in the mirror as a new friend and will again coo with it.

Do-It-Yourself And Self-Made Parrot Stands

It’s great when you install fruit branches with bark for a parrot on a game stand. The pet will actively climb on them and nibble, training the beak and at the same time turning it.

Another great option would be fruit holders – caps. You put in them various greens, legumes, lettuce or cauliflower, spikelets, flowering branches, and the bird gladly picks it out and eats.

Attention! On the stand, it is appropriate to place goodies, herbs and branches, but the feeders should be in a cage. The parrot should still receive the main food in its home. And the food on the stand is for entertainment.

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Good fir and cedar cones, bunches of tree branches and grasses, sunflower – these are natural foragers that give the bird a lot of pleasure.

Mineral stone for grinding beak, sepia (cuttlefish shell) – will also find their place in the playing corner.

And, of course, the usual baby rattles are bright and loud rattles that the birds love to play.

Look how interesting the budgerigar spends time on the playing corner, at this moment its owner can calmly go about his business:

Do-it-yourself stand for a parrot

When arranging a playground with your own hands, you should proceed from the breed of your pet. Small breeds are more fussy, because they like to ride, spin and climb all the time. Medium and large parrots, such as Corelli, Jaco, Macaw and Cockatoo, act more calmly. They like to flip from place to place, hang upside down, walk on bridges.

There are a lot of options for creating a stand, there is no limit to imagination. The simplest thing is to get two or three strong branches, boil them thoroughly or scald several times with boiling water. Attach the parrot cages to the walls of the parrot so that they create a tent over it. Firmly connect them to each other using jute twine. And hang anything on this tent: rings, ropes, ladders, caps, rattles, etc.

Do-It-Yourself And Self-Made Parrot Stands

You can make a more thorough stand:

  1. To prepare a plywood sheet or a suitable board – this will be the basis of the site.
  2. Sand the surface and edges to remove chips and chips, if any. And you can glue it with tape so that later it would be easier to wash the stand.
  3. With the help of screws, drills, a jigsaw and other tools, wooden posts are made and attached to the board, on which ladders, ropes, swings, carousels and everything that your soul desires are attached.
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Watch how quickly the original stand for the budgerigar is made with your own hands:

The branches of which trees can be used to create a corner for your pet:

  • linden
  • birch
  • aspen
  • willow
  • apple
  • alder trees
  • plum
  • cherry
  • and ash branches.

For larger parrots, an excellent option would be a stand-squat, which is also easy to do yourself:

How to train a pet for games

Parrots are curious and active birds. However, shy at the same time. They are very careful about everything new, and the appearance of a new accessory in the room can be perceived with caution.

If the bird followed the process of creating the stand, it will not be afraid of it and will deftly begin to study as soon as you finish. But if you brought it from the outside, watch how the pet will react.

Gradually and unobtrusively introduce him to the site, do not rush things. Play with the rattles themselves, swing the rocker, ring the bells, spin the carousels, in general, show how much fun your pet will spend time at this stand. Curiosity will overpower and the bird will go to try everything herself.

Do-It-Yourself And Self-Made Parrot Stands

Game corners for parrots are not a luxury item, but a necessity. Feathers need to be busy all the time with something interesting. They get sick from boredom and loneliness. If you can’t spend much time with your pet, make a friend or give him such an accessory. And then the bird will have something to do in your absence.

If you think that making a stand for parrots with your own hands is a difficult task, watch this video with three interesting options for simple playgrounds for feathered pets: