Diarrhea In A Budgie If A Parrot Gets Sick

Problems with the intestines in budgies can lead to their death, so when acquiring a bird, be sure to consider the parrot cloaca (anus). The anus should not be dirty from feces, the feathers should be soft, clean and not sticky, and the cesspool should not look painful and reddened. If diarrhea in the budgerigar has been detected recently, it is necessary to identify the cause and begin treatment.

Causes of diarrhea in a budgie

Wrong diet

If the diet of your pet contains fresh herbs and fruits, then in this case, diarrhea is quite natural and not dangerous. But if you feed the parrot only with fresh grass (or any other soft juicy food) and deliberately abandoned dry food, then such diarrhea may indicate that it is time to do something with food, otherwise this will turn out to be a big problem. Upon refusal of dry food, the bird becomes lethargic, more often sits with a black tongue. Feces can be green.

How in this case to treat diarrhea in a budgerigar? It is necessary to change the diet of the bird: when feeding monotonous food, the parrot risks earning vitamin deficiency and begins to molt. Fill the pet feeder with cereal and cereal feed. It is important that the diet of the parrot always has millet, oats and oatmeal. When the bird recovers stool, you can add fruit again.

Worms and parasites

The causative agents of diarrhea in budgies can also be worms or other parasites. In this case, the parrot is losing weight, begins to drink a lot, feathers look dull. In the feces, you can observe blood, the diarrhea itself is brown in color. With relapses in the feces, the parasite itself is observed – a white worm. In this case, treatment of diarrhea in a budgerigar at home can lead to poor health – be sure to contact your veterinarian!

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In order to alleviate the suffering of the pet, wipe its cloaca with a cotton swab dipped in chamomile broth. In a drinking bowl, it is also better to pour a decoction of chamomile, or rice water. Disinfect the cage more often. If you have more than one parrot, then it is better to put off the sick person. Feeding a sick parrot with soft food is not worth it – it is better to limit yourself to dry feed. It will also be good to give activated charcoal: soak the tablet in water and drip the bird through a syringe into the beak (it is better to drip on the side of the beak and naturally without a needle). Be sure to take the parrot to the veterinarian so that he reveals parasites that torment the bird and prescribes adequate treatment.

Gastrointestinal problems

How to treat diarrhea in a budgie if it has bowel problems? In this case, you again need an ambulance vet. You can only alleviate the symptoms: be sure to wipe the bird’s cloaca with a solution of chamomile, change the litter more often, replace the water with rice.

Aids for diarrhea in a parrot.

Aids may include beneficial bacteria and proper drinking.

Diarrhea in a budgie can lead to dehydration, therefore it is important to fill the drinker with “healthy” water. It could be:

boiled water with a weak solution of potassium permanganate

rice water (rice is boiled, water is decanted and poured into a drinking bowl)

decoction of black tea (tea in disposable bags will not work!)

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dry bacteria Vetom 1.1 – add the powder on the tip of the knife to boiled drinking water once a day

Be sure to clean the feathers and anus from contamination. Also make sure that the stool does not get into the drinker or feed.

It is very important to take good care of the parrot – to prevent its hypothermia, to monitor the diet, to prevent overeating. If health problems do not disappear and the bird rapidly loses weight – do not tighten and take it to the veterinarian!