The cockatoo parrot belongs to the order of the parrot-like, which, by the way, is one of the most popular among bird lovers. As for the habitat, it is primarily Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, as well as many different islands. Parrots of this species are especially loved for their unusually bright appearance, as well as for their acting skills.

Cockatoo parrots are medium sized. The length of the body can reach 70 cm, such a bird weighs about a kilogram. These parrots have one distinctive feature – the crest, which clearly stands out against the background of the general plumage. Their tail is the most ordinary, it is straight and has a slightly rounded shape. The beak is quite powerful and large, the parrot is able to bite various hard objects, such as, for example, wire or walnut shells. Hence the name of the bird, which means "wire cutters".

Many bird lovers wonder: how many cockatoo parrots live? The fact is that the life expectancy of these birds is really impressive, in some cases it reaches 80 years. At the moment, there are 21 known species of these beautiful birds, but only a few of them are popular.

Moluccan Cockatoo

The parrot of this species differs from its relatives in the pale pink color of feathers, the underbone has an orange tint. The crest is small, about 20 cm long, its outer feathers are usually white, and the inner ones are orange. The color of the males and females of the Moluccan specimens does not differ, but the color of the shell of the eyes is different for males, black, for females brown.

Scientists dealing with parrots claim that one of the most talented is the Moluccan cockatoo (parrot). Owner reviews confirm this opinion, note the extraordinary talent of these birds. Such a bird is able to memorize and pronounce about 15 different words, and also has a unique ability to imitate the voices of various animals. Moluccan parrots live about 55-60 years.

Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

Sulfur-crested Cockatoo

Already from the name of the species it becomes clear that a distinctive feature of the bird is a bright yellow crest. The body of the parrot has a white plumage, the inner side of the flywheel, as well as the tail, has a light yellowish tint. The iris of a yellow-crested cockatoo is standard: black in males and brownish in females. A distinctive feature of this type of parrot is their ability to imitate human speech. They are often used in circus performances, because parrots, in particular yellow-crested, are very obedient birds. Their average life expectancy is 50-70 years.

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Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

Pink cockatoo

This type of bird is also called gala. These are very peaceful creatures that easily adapt to living together with a person, to home conditions. Gala is not the most talking cockatoo parrot, its possibilities regarding the reproduction of human speech are very limited. Such a bird has been living for more than 50 years, it is calm, very friendly and obedient, equally attached to each member of the family. The pink gala has a beautiful color, the cheeks and abdomen are bright red, and the feathers are gray, smoky. The crest is pink at the base, and its tip is white. The iris in males is brown, and females of this species have a light orange tint to the eyes.

Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

White-headed cockatoo

Birds of this species are distinguished by their spectacularness, the reason for this is their crest of impressive size, which is often compared with the crown. The parrot has a white plumage and a crest of the same color. Males and females visually differ from each other only in the color of the iris, in males it has a rich dark brown color, and in females of the same species it is red-brown. Among the white-crested, there are often talking parrots with outstanding artistic abilities. This is a truly amazing cockatoo parrot. You can see a photo of it below.

Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

Cockatoo Inca

It is also called Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. These birds are recognized as one of the most beautiful and even graceful creatures. Their plumage can have both light pink and bright, rich raspberry shade. These parrots have a long crest, male and female are of the same color. Today it’s difficult to find such a bird at home, because their catch and sale is strictly prohibited. Even in the homeland of these parrots, in Australia, only a person with special permission from the authorities can contain Inca cockatoo. Life expectancy of birds varies from 50 to 80 years.

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Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

White cockatoo

White cockatoo is very popular in our country. The parrot has excellent abilities, it is easy to train, some individuals even know how to dance and perform various acrobatic stunts. The bird is also able to reproduce human speech, as well as imitate other sounds, moreover, you can teach a white cockatoo to whistle a popular melody.

Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos

Household Rules

If you have a burning desire to purchase one of these creatures as a pet, remember that for normal life the bird needs to create optimal conditions. First of all, keep in mind that cockatoo parrots are large birds, so they will be cramped in a small cage. In such circumstances, a parrot can damage its wings, become closed and begin to show aggression. For a comfortable stay, he will need a spacious, large cage. In no case should we forget about a kind of entertainment for the bird. The cage should be equipped with a sufficient number of all kinds of poles and toys. Best of all, if all the accessories are wooden or made of durable plastic, as it will be convenient to sharpen the claws.

Specialists in the care of these birds are advised to constantly monitor their behavior, because they, like people, show their dissatisfaction with any environmental conditions. If the parrot began to pluck feathers, something is clearly disturbing him. This should be combated with the help of a special rim that is worn on the neck of the cockatoo. Feathers in this case must be sprayed with a specialized spray. If a bird makes a noise and makes loud noises, this is also a sign of its anxiety and irritation. Keeping track of how the bird behaves is very important. Constant observation will help you learn more about the nature of the pet, about its habits and preferences, and will help you to get closer and build relationships.

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Cockatoo Parrots Reviews, Photos


As for the rules of feeding, the main thing here is not to overdo it. Caught in captivity, the parrot begins to absorb literally everything that it sees, but this does not mean that it is really hungry. Be careful about bird nutrition, because overeating often leads to the development of all kinds of diseases and even to the death of a parrot. A variety of fresh vegetables are loved by the cockatoo. Cockatoo parrots living in natural conditions present a real problem for farmers because of the special addiction of birds to corn: they can destroy the whole crop. Birds love carrots, eggplant, cucumbers and celery. As food, you can also use dandelion roots, beans, pea pods and red beets. An important element of the bird’s diet is fruits, because they contain a huge amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Cockatoo parrots are especially fond of eating pomegranates, pears, and they like all kinds of berries, such as raspberries, strawberries or rose hips.

It is unlikely that the bird will try the food the first time, it is necessary to accustom it to the correct diet gradually. Some of the products, by contrast, are completely contraindicated in cockatoo. In no case should you feed avocado, chocolates or coffee beans. Cabbage and parsley are also harmful to parrots, as, by the way, are dairy products. Cocktails can not be eaten anything fried, salt and sugar are harmful to them.


In general, caring for a cockatoo at home is not too difficult. It is necessary to pay special attention to their feeding, to observe all the rules and norms of maintenance. A parrot can be a great friend, because these birds are very friendly creatures that easily find a common language with a person. Almost all types of cockatoos have talents, most of them are able to imitate human speech, of course, if the owner will pay a lot of attention to teaching activities. One of the most striking species of birds is the cockatoo parrot. The photographs available in the article clearly illustrate the variety of colors.