Care And Maintenance Of The Corella Parrot

Corella is a tame parrot that can talk. The bird is a relative of the cockatoo, has an external resemblance to it. The corrella has a short beak, a large tail, which has a pointed appearance and reaches 16 centimeters in length.


The parrot itself is medium-sized, about 31 cm; weight about 91 grams. In most cases, it is a pet. There is a long crest on the head of the parrot, which can rise and fall (this depends on the mood of the bird). The plumage of Corellus is not bright. Colors such as gray, white and yellow are present. The bird has expressive features, thanks to which you can admire it for a long time.

The male Corella is more elegant and bright than the female. It has a dark gray body, yellow crest and head, on the cheeks there are orange spots, wings and tail – with a black-bluish color. Males can actively and quickly develop, they tweet louder and more often they can beat their beaks on the cage. The female is calm, has gray feathers; there are brown spots on the cheeks, the upper body is light yellow, and the lower body is dark.

Care And Maintenance Of The Corella Parrot

The Corella acquired the name of the nymph; their homeland is Australia. In Australia, they can be seen almost everywhere, because it is there that a good climate for parrots of this species. But parrots love to settle in the depths of the continent: where there are savannas, good shrubs, eucalyptus groves. Parrots usually live on dried out, long trees, where their gray tone almost does not stand out from the surrounding view.

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These birds get used and become attached to the person. People like to be among people.

There are few species of Corella parrots. All of them practically do not differ from each other. All of them can be tamed, provided with the necessary conditions of detention, taught them to talk. You can find mother-of-pearl, brown, variegated parrots. Some have a combination of colors.

Care And Maintenance Of The Corella Parrot

Cell selection

A large, spacious cage is needed for a corella. You need to purchase a large cage, which has a minimum size: length – 62 cm, width 42 – cm, height – 72 cm. It is important that the bird has a long cage. If the cage is not long, the corella can injure its wings or break its tail.

Care And Maintenance Of The Corella Parrot

The cell must be present retractable tray that can be cleaned without disturbing the parrot. But if the parrot begins to fly around the house, then the cage can be completely cleaned. A retractable tray is needed because it is easy to remove than the top of the cage.

The cell material must be environmentally friendly, durable, smooth, so that the corella could not be injured against sharp corners. Natural and environmentally friendly wood is not suitable for poultry. Because the tree is difficult to clean and uncomfortable, as well as pests can start in it. Another tree can not be treated with antiparasitic material, as this will cause poisoning in the parrot.

Plywood is a lightweight material, but there are also disadvantages in it. An acceptable option is an MDF board, because it is highly environmentally friendly. Chipboard (Chipboard) contains formaldehyde resins that are dangerous to the health of a parrot. The material must be strong enough so that the parrot cannot break it.

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The pallet should have long sides so that the products that parrots eat do not spill out of the cage. Some models have additional grilles, they are stacked on top of the pallet. A grill is necessary so that the parrot can peck only food; in addition, the feathered legs will remain dry and clean.

The walls and the roof should be stainless steel rods or mesh. The distance between the rods should be not less than 22 millimeters.

Such a distance will not allow the parrot to stick its head between the rods, and the bird will not be injured.