Budgie Trembling What To Do

The primary diagnosis of diseases of pets is always in the zone of responsibility of the owner. EIf you notice that the budgie is trembling, try to understand what caused this condition. There can be several reasons for parrots to shiver.


Budgies often tremble with fear. Small birds locked in a cage can not fend for themselves, but anything can scare them. Below are the most common causes of fear.


If a bird has just appeared in your house, it will take time to get used to the new cage and owner. The adaptation period, as a rule, takes about 3 days. Leave the pet alone for this time, do not let out of the cage, do not stand for hours in front of it, Do not talk too loud, do not try to start training the bird as soon as possible.

Make sure that the bird is comfortable in the cage, all the swings and poles are comfortable. If the budgie does not stop trembling after 3 days, the cause is probably not stress.


Loud music, TV, screaming, constant loud conversations may not appeal to the parrot and even scare him to shiver.

Other pets and children

It often happens that dogs, cats and even other parrots scare the wavy. This can happen not only when the bird walks around the room, but also when the parrot is in the cage. If you can’t explain to the cat that the budgie is her new friend, you will have to keep them separate. Otherwise, constant stress will make the budgie tremble with fear, which will ultimately affect his health.

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If you have children, ask them did they dabble in a bird cage, didn’t they shout at him. Explain to them that the parrot is a living creature, not a toy, and you need to be careful about it.


Budgerigars came to our country from warm Australia. ABOUTnor very sensitive to temperature changes and drafts. The temperature in the room where the cage with the parrot stands should be at least 18 ° C. When airing a room in winter, it is better to move the cage to another room so that the budgerigar does not begin to tremble from the cold air.

To warm the pet, next to the cage at a distance of about half a meter need to put a lamp, directed to the bottom of the cell. In this case, part of the cell must be covered with a cloth, a shadow should be created there, so that the parrot can choose the optimum section of the cell in temperature – to warm up, but not to overheat. Overheating in parrots is expressed in shortness of breath, breathing with an open beak, spreading wings.


Vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, hypothermia and stress contribute to a decrease in immunity in the budgie and the development of diseases. If the budgie is trembling and has any additional symptoms, consult your veterinarian to avoid delaying the illness.