Budgie Scared Of Hands What To Do

Much faster, your pet will become tame if you conduct classes regularly. In lessons, it is important to be patient and consistent. I like the parrot when they communicate with him kindly and amiably. If you train a bird not systematically, then you can’t count on quick results.

Let the bird get used to it

Do not forget that for a budgie to sit in the hands of a person is stress. After buying a pet, he needs to give time to get comfortable in a new shelter. Making sudden movements or screaming loudly near the cell in the first few weeks is not recommended. It is not worth counting on the fact that a new family member will become manual in just a couple of days – you need to be patient. To carry out cleaning in the cage, change the water or the feeder should be neat and smooth, without sudden movements.

It is best to put the house of a budgie in a place so that the animal sees its owners well and can recognize the household. Do not forget to talk with the feathered, repeat his name, speak calmly and friendly.

For those who do not know how and when to tame a budgie, if he is afraid, it is worth paying attention to the following fact. If a pet calmly eats its food in the presence of the owner and does not panic at the same time, then this is a good sign. The bird also should not react negatively to movements on the side of the cage and calmly go about their business. Such behavior suggests that it is time to move on to learning.

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Taming process

Budgie Scared Of Hands What To Do

The best way to teach a budgie to sit on your hand is to offer him refreshments. Giving goodies first is best through bars. No need to worry if the pet first refuses the treat, as after a few days he will begin to come up and take food with interest. Giving your favorite lure you need to affectionately call him by name and not behave abruptly.

Taming can be continued as follows:

  • In the morning, give a treat from the hand, sticking it into the cage. First, you need to offer complementary foods to a budgie holding food between your fingers, palm up.
  • After that, treats are placed on an open palm and gently push it into the cage. The pet should get used to eating from the palm of his hand.
  • To train a parrot sits on a finger. Extend the index finger and carefully bring to the place where he sits. If the bird does not sit on the hand, then the finger should be brought to the stomach (between the paws) and touch it slightly.

Method number 2

There are times when you have to spend more time (than 3 weeks) to tame a pet so that it becomes tame. If the case with food does not give a result, then it is worth trying to hold out a feathery mirror. Wavy really like to play with an imaginary friend, so gradually the bird will begin to get used to his hands. Insert the mirror into the cage carefully, without sudden movements.

You can play with your pet taming to your hands using other items. It can be a cap from a pen or bottle. The toy is first carefully offered through the rods, and when the feathered one is interested, they stick it into the open cage.

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A handmade parrot is a true joy for all family members, as you can play with it and cheer yourself up. If the pet calmly sits on his finger, then it’s time to let the pet fly (after closing the windows, doors and removing sharp objects). In the case when the pet sat on the ledge or chandelier, you do not need to scare him by waving his arms. It is enough to offer the bird food, so that it sits on the hand and lowered into a cage. During the walk, the house should be kept open so that the animal learns to return to the middle.