Budgerigar Diarrhea

Budgerigars are very funny and unpretentious pets to care for. Owners of such birds should know that the state of health of birds depends on proper care and good living conditions. And the lack of proper care can even lead to the death of a feathered friend.

Why does a parrot have diarrhea

Diarrhea in the budgerigar is a frequent discharge of the liquid nature of the intestinal contents. Diarrhea is not an independent disease, but rather a sign of various pathologies in the bird. Such a state in a budgerigar can provoke:

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Diseases of the intestines, liver and kidneys.
  • Food poisoning: stale water, sour grain, dirty food, excess greens, rotten fruit.
  • Lack of millet grains in the diet.
  • Goiter inflammation.
  • Antibiotic treatment.
  • Drafts at the location of the cage.

Under the influence of pathological factors, the contraction of the smooth muscles of the intestines of the parrot is significantly accelerated – and the contents of the gastrointestinal tract move through the organ faster. Therefore, the liquid does not have time to resolve, and the feces have a watery state.

If your pet:

  • sitting ruffled feathers
  • closes his eyes
  • shows complete indifference and apathy,
  • doesn’t eat,
  • he started vomiting
  • the feathers near the cloaks are sticky and dirty,

this means that the budgerigar has a serious pathological process. And if you do not respond to it in time, the bird may die. Diarrhea lasting more than one day is a threat to the life and health of the parrot. Persistent diarrhea in this type of parrot leads to excessive extensibility of the muscular system of the sphincter of the cloaca, so it falls out. The precipitated part gradually dries, causing itching, soreness and discomfort in the bird. The parrot itself or its cousins ​​in the cage peck out the dried element, which is fraught with serious bleeding and death of the bird.

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A budgie can die due to significant fluid loss. Rapid dehydration of the bird’s body thickens the blood, so death can occur due to severe circulatory failure. If the first symptoms of the disease appear, immediately seek help from an ornithologist. Try to take the chance to save the feathered friend in time.

What to do if a budgie has diarrhea

Budgerigar Diarrhea

Diarrhea in the budgerigar – the situation is difficult, therefore, it should not be treated with home remedies without finding out the reason. In addition, it is necessary to remember and know that the diseases in these birds are fulminant in nature, and they can die in a few hours. If you cannot consult a doctor due to circumstances, then you can try to stop diarrhea in the budgerigar yourself:

  1. Remove any dirt on the bird feathers.
  2. Clean the cage of the parrot.
  3. Put a clean litter.
  4. Eliminate drafts in the house.
  5. Put an infrared lamp for heating for two to three hours (during the illness, the bird will freeze, and to warm up, it will have to spend a lot of its own energy).
  6. Create ideal conditions for the life of a bird.
  7. Change the feed, pay attention to its quality.
  8. Feed your parrot boiled rice without adding salt, milk and fat.
  9. Eliminate fruits and greens, as well as seeds, from the diet.
  10. To strengthen the body, prepare decoctions of chamomile and St. John’s wort.
  11. Make sure that the feces of birds do not get into the feed and water.
  12. In small quantities, let’s take the parrot three times a day for two days with an adsorbent.
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Do not treat a budgie with medications that are intended to treat a person, because the bird has a very vulnerable liver. These drugs can cause severe poisoning, which can also lead to her death.

If the measures taken do not help stop the diarrhea in the parrot, look for the opportunity to contact your veterinarian. Take care of pets!