Beak Flakes In A Parrot - What To Do

If the parrot has a beak, you will notice it. A normal beak in a bird does not attract attention. It is smooth, shiny, with problems, the beak is dull, you can clearly see layers and notches over the entire area that look like slightly detached chips.

Normally, the edges of the beak may be slightly uneven, this is due to the fact that the bird, gnawing branches, sepia, a mineral stone, gradually grinds the beak.

A photo of the beak of a healthy parrot looks like this:

Beak that is folded:

How does the disease process occur: the beak itself is initially smooth, only the edge is slightly rough, later, gradually the beak becomes thinner, brittle and burrs begin to appear. In addition, the appearance of the wax is also deteriorating: it becomes rough, there may be cracks.

There are several possible reasons why the beak is folded:

  • metabolic disease;
  • lack of mineral nutrition;
  • too dry indoor air;
  • lack of vitamin;
  • Beak Flakes In A Parrot - What To Do
  • lack of branches, means for cracking.

What to do when a beak flakes in a parrot

  • review the "menu" of the parrot. How to feed a parrot, you can find in this article;
  • must always be in the cage mineral top dressingwith an additive in the form of sulfur and yeast (restore the elasticity of the beak);
  • in addition to normalizing the balance of substances with the help of a balanced diet, a vitamin course may not be out of place. How to choose vitamins for a parrot you will learn here;
  • make bird racks with permitted tree species and shrubs. The parrot will be happy to chew on the twigs offered to him;
  • to increase humidity, spray the bird with a spray gun with warm water or direct the jet up over the parrot, thereby creating a "rain". A humidifier, a container of water, a damp cloth in the room where your pet is located, can also help with the separation of the beak. Especially during the heating season in apartments.
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Many budgerigar owners often confuse beak stratification with initial bird damage scabies mite (knemidocoptosis). In this disease, a parrot forms a porous coating on the beak and waxworm.

The beak affected by the scabies mite looks like this:

Treatment scabies more serious and lasting. Aversectin ointment copes with a tick parasite. The course of treatment can last from 1 week to a month.

If your budgerigar has a beak, you can very well follow general recommendations on how to eliminate this ailment.

Owners of young budgerigars often pay attention that their pets have a slightly layered beak – this is quite normal, as the bird grows and the beak, respectively, also updates the layer. But provided that we are talking about the edge of the beak, and not about the entire surface!

The main thing is to create a parrot all the conditions for care after yourself and learn how to properly feed a bird, then the appearance will please the eye no less than the behavior of a tomboy.