As Budgerigars See

At the moment, budgies are the most popular home decorative birds. It is known that wild budgerigars are several times smaller than those that were grown under artificial conditions. Caring for these parrots is not particularly difficult, but the owners need to study some of the features of their pet in advance in order to understand what nuances of the content must be observed.

We will figure out what kind of eyes the budgerigars see – it is true whether they can recognize themselves in the mirror, whether the budgerigar sees in the dark, and how sharp the bird’s vision is – at what distance it can examine small details.

What is the sight of budgies

The eyes of budgies are larger than those of a person in terms of ratio. If a person’s eyes occupy only 5 percent of the total head volume, then in these animals the eyes are half the volume, for this reason the birds are able to perceive rather small objects at a great distance.

In addition, the position of the eyes in budgies is different from the location of the person. The bird’s eyes are located on the sides, and not on the same plane, and can move in different directions, it turns out that the bird can focus with different eyes on different objects – for example, with one eye to follow the movements around, outside the cage, and the other – for food , that is, in the immediate vicinity of the animal itself.

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In addition, parrots perceive more frames per second. Compare: a person is able to perceive only 25 frames per second, while budgies can up to 150 frames at the same time, that is, 6 times more.

The vision of budgies is more sensitive than that of many other animals and even humans – they can focus on several objects at once with different eyes, distinguish small details at large distances, and also notice objects moving at high speed.

As color budgies see

We will figure out what color spectrum is available for these birds – they see the world in black and white or brighter than a person.

One only needs to pay attention to the appearance of the pet in order to understand that the world of budgies is no less colorful than in humans. The plumage of birds is very bright, and for good reason.

Let’s see how color sensitivity works. Rays of light fall on objects – some of them are absorbed by the object, others are reflected, it is those rays that are reflected and perceived by our eye. In the retina there are special nerve cells – cones, which are precisely responsible for the perception of color. The cones receive the reflected rays, transmit the impulse to the brain along the nerve endings, so the perception of color appears in the brain.

A person has 3 types of such cells, so he perceives the spectrum from red to purple. Studies of budgies and their susceptibility to flowers showed that birds have 4 species of cones, which means that their color spectrum is even wider than that of humans. This is expressed in their ability to distinguish between ultraviolet rays.

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This feature leads to the dependence of budgies on natural sunlight. If the bird stays in a room for a long time without sunlight, it will begin to feel worse. This should be taken into account by the owners when arranging the conditions for a feathered pet.

By the way, it is the ability to perceive ultraviolet rays that helps budgies to look for their partner. As a rule, males have a brighter plumage, however, the human eye can not always catch these shades, therefore, it is more difficult for us to distinguish the male from the female by external signs. In addition, in the plumage of males there are colors with an ultraviolet component, which means that they themselves are able to reflect such rays. Studies have shown that almost always on this basis females distinguish males, choose the one with more “ultraviolet” feathers, and continue the genus with such prominent birds.

Do budgerigars see in the dark

We have already figured out that these animals perceive colors much more sensitively than we humans, but what about their vision in the dark?

Birds living in the wild distinguish between surrounding in good daylight and twilight, but at night in complete darkness, they already lose their ability to navigate with the help of vision. Since it is eyes that are the main source of information about the world around us, the birds go to bed at night, because they simply can’t see anything without sunlight.

Birds that were born and raised in artificial conditions have already lost the ability to see even at dusk, so if you leave your domestic budgie in a dark room without light, he will probably also go to bed. Well, these feathered pets see in bright light, the less light around, the more difficult it is for them to distinguish objects.

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Owners of birds should pay attention to the special sensitivity of parrots to light. If the parrot was sitting in a dark room or under a coverlet, then before removing the coverlet or turning on the light in the room, it is better to make a little noise, draw the attention of the pet so that it wakes up, and only then turn on the light. Otherwise, the budgie may be frightened by the sudden appearance of light.

A few nuances

It is worth remembering some of the features of the vision of budgies to make friends with him faster. For example, do not run too fast around the bird and its cage, scare it with sudden movements and unexpected appearances. The parrot has a sharp vision, however, switching from one object to another is a little more difficult for them than for people.

Also, do not look too long and intently look into the eyes of a parrot, it can take you for a predator and get scared.